Our team

The company EQUITA consists of highly qualified experts with long-term experiences from the valuation field. Manpower is the bottom line of our success and it is the mot valuable asset we have. We emphasize education and training. Systematical education of our employees is the priority and necessity of our highly skilled profession.
Valuation is teamwork and it is not possible for individual person to cover the required scope of skills. Valuation is about people, their personalities, values and experiences.

Internally is the company divided into three main departments:

  • appraisal of real estates,
  • appraisal of enterprises and their assets and
  • appraisal of movable assets.


Management and back office

Executives are David Musil and Leoš Klimt. Director of the company is Leoš Klimt. Secretary is Mrs. Miluše Bartáková.

Appraisal of real estates

This department consists of authorized experts and specialists having broad experiences with appraisals of real estates, buildings and its parts.

Our experts on appraisal of real estates are:

Miroslava Valtová - head of department
Stanislav Bílek, authorized engineer, expert
Vladislav Drozdzik, expert
Martina Dvořáková
Ondřej Ferenčík
Jan Havlík, expert
Ondra Holčapek
Šárka Horáková
Jan Jiráň, expert
Petr Klas
Miroslav Kubů, expert
Roman Lukáš, expert
Martin Nykl, expert
Petr Parma, expert
Zuzana Pavlů, expert
Štěpánka Tvrzníková, expert
Lucie Kollárová

Our expert on building estimate is:

Pavel Novotný
Jiří Sedláček

Appraisal of enterprises and their assets

This department consists of graduated employees with economical degree, co-operated auditor and tax advisor. The department is focusing on appraisal of enterprises, intangible assets, claims and claim amounts.
Our experts on appraisal of enterprises and their assets are:

Kateřina Minsterová - head of department
Zdeněk Dvořák, certificate no. 1351, tax advisor no. 777
Jan Sekanina
Andrea Stillerová

Appraisal of movable assets

This department consists of experts on appraisal of technologies, machinery and equipment, transportation units and other movable assets.

Our experts on appraisal of movable assets are:

Vítězslav Rázek, expert
Tomáš Strouhal, expert

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Business Valuation Assistant

5. 10. 2017

For the Prague central office, we are looking for a new colleague for our team.

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Equity risk premium - ACEB 2014

11. 11. 2014

Our colleague will present a paper dealing with equity risk premium within income business valuation on international economic conference in Singapore.

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Creditors of ECM Real Estate Investments AG approved the Expert Valuation Report

5. 9. 2012

The Municipal Court in Prague appointed our company EQUITA Consulting, s.r.o. the appraiser institute responsible for valuation of assets of the debtor ECM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS A.G.

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