Appraisal institute

EQUITA Consulting s.r.o. is an appraisal institute in accordance with Act No. 36/1967, paragraph 21, article 1 on the Experts and Interpreters and it is registered in the list of institutions qualified for expert activity in the field economics and building industry based on the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic no. 61/2008-OD-ZN/11.

  • valuation of intangible assets, industrial and property law, know-how
  • valuation of enterprises, business shares, business assets
  • valuation of financial assets including securities and their derivates
  • valuation of real estates and buildings
  • valuation of movable assets
  • valuation of claims and liabilities
  • assessment and review of relations, contracts, prices and other facts based on the Commercial Code
  • assessment and review of transfer prices
  • accountancy
  • economical and financial analyses, budgeting, calculation.

Building industry
  • defects and faults of buildings and constructions.

We have extensive and long-term experiences with valuation and expert reports. We executed more than 5.000 expert reports, especially for the purposes of courts, arbitration proceedings, tax collection and other purposes within the context of the Commercial Code and other legal regulations.

Expert reports were executed for the following purposes: sale of enterprise or its part, reviewing the contract on transfer of enterprise or its part, rental of enterprise or its part, merger, change of legal status, transfer of assets, fixed capital investment, takeover, determination of common price, appraisal of intellectual property (trade mark, know-how) and others.

Due to the fact that we exclusively deal only with valuation and appraisal activities we have no relationship or connection with our clients or subjects of valuation and we are unbiased and independent when executing our expert reports.

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Business Valuation Assistant

5. 10. 2017

For the Prague central office, we are looking for a new colleague for our team.

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Equity risk premium - ACEB 2014

11. 11. 2014

Our colleague will present a paper dealing with equity risk premium within income business valuation on international economic conference in Singapore.

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Creditors of ECM Real Estate Investments AG approved the Expert Valuation Report

5. 9. 2012

The Municipal Court in Prague appointed our company EQUITA Consulting, s.r.o. the appraiser institute responsible for valuation of assets of the debtor ECM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS A.G.

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