The main subject of our activity is appraising. We offer complex portfolio of our services relating to the field of evaluation and expert's reports.

We offer our knowledge, experiences and ability of our appraisers and authorized experts. We are a partner, who is able to meet all your needs as well as all necessary legal duties of the Czech Republic and the European Union based on your requests.

Our cooperating appraisers are active in the market for a long time and they have acquired broad experiences. That enables us to understand your needs. We cooperate with lawyers, auditors and tax advisers so we are able to offer complex services and one partner covering your project.

The main scope of our services:

  • Enterprise appraisals or enterprise division appraisals
  • Business property appraisals, company stock and shares appraisals
  • Appraisals of securities and their derivates
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Appraisals of machinery, plant and technological equipment
  • Personal estate appraisals
  • Intangible property appraisals (know-how, goodwill) and ownerships
  • Active debts appraisals
  • Appraisals of non-financial investments
  • Appraisals of bank mortgages
  • Appraisals in accordance with the Act on evaluation of property
  • Document processing for transformation of corporations
  • Reviews of relationships between inteconnected parties
  • Creditworthiness assessments of business entities
  • Economical expert's reports
  • Determination of insurance value
  • Risk evaluation
  • Financial planning consultancy
  • Elaboration of studies of feasibility and profitability of capital projects


  • economical, administration and accounting consultancy

Our services can be utilizied for the following purposes:

  • when buying or selling the enterprise
  • support in necessary transformation procedures required by the Commercial Code
  • in pursuits and arbitration proceedings
  • when solving shares repayments of business partners
  • in case of mergers, acquisitions and divisions of enterprises
  • when increasing principal capital by nonmonetary investment
  • for tax purporses
  • support in bankruptcy or liquidation of enterprises
  • when estimating the value of claims
  • property evaluation for purpose of insurance and damage claims
  • in need of determination of feasibility of investment projects
  • support in transactions when buying or selling property
  • when dealing with financial institutions about financing
  • support in legal proceeedings
  • for accounting purposes

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Business Valuation Assistant

5. 10. 2017

For the Prague central office, we are looking for a new colleague for our team.

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Equity risk premium - ACEB 2014

11. 11. 2014

Our colleague will present a paper dealing with equity risk premium within income business valuation on international economic conference in Singapore.

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Creditors of ECM Real Estate Investments AG approved the Expert Valuation Report

5. 9. 2012

The Municipal Court in Prague appointed our company EQUITA Consulting, s.r.o. the appraiser institute responsible for valuation of assets of the debtor ECM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS A.G.

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