We professionally deal with appraisals. We are able to provide our services for appraisals of all real assets. We utilise world-wide reputable approaches and methods in our appraisals.
Our experts are ready to offer you a complex appraisal service including appraisals in accordance with Code dealing with real estate appraisals.
Appraisals and expertise are elaborated on especially for the following purposes:

  • estimation of personal and real estate investment into the companies
  • transformations of enterprises
  • estimation of values and reports reviewing according to the code of civil law
  • price assessment, which is standard for assignments between economically or personally connected persons
  • sale and purchase of real and personal estate, enterprise and its divisions
  • auctions
  • business credit
  • bankruptcy or liquidation procedure
  • tax procedure
  • assessment of standard price of fixed assets
  • assessment of standard price of floating assets
  • assessment of property value as evidence for legal proceedings
  • estimation of property value for mortgage purposes
  • estimation of proceeds from voluntary or compulsory business termination
  • property insurance

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Business Valuation Assistant

5. 10. 2017

For the Prague central office, we are looking for a new colleague for our team.

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Equity risk premium - ACEB 2014

11. 11. 2014

Our colleague will present a paper dealing with equity risk premium within income business valuation on international economic conference in Singapore.

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Creditors of ECM Real Estate Investments AG approved the Expert Valuation Report

5. 9. 2012

The Municipal Court in Prague appointed our company EQUITA Consulting, s.r.o. the appraiser institute responsible for valuation of assets of the debtor ECM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS A.G.

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